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Online Submission


Global Authority offers a unique online kiosk system allowing customers to directly enter their items into our database. This easy-to-use technology initiates an order number; the order number can then be used to track your submissions throughout the process. A simple free basic membership is all that’s needed to get started. An option is also available for customers who choose to print an offline invoice and not use the kiosk system.


Online Order Status

At anytime while your submission is at Global Authority, you can check your order’s status. You will also receive email updates letting you know the latest information as it passes through our processing system. Once the order reaches its final stage of shipping, you will be emailed a FedEx tracking number.

Counterfeit Library


The Global Counterfeit and Altered Item Library is an absolute must as a resource to help you educate yourself on the various pitfalls within the industry. This service provides images and detailed descriptions on counterfeit or altered cards, packs and unopened collectibles. Each entry in the library is rated on how difficult the counterfeit or altered characteristics are to identify. The service also provides email alerts on new additions to the library, keeping you up to date on the latest counterfeits and alterations.

Free Scanning


For customers who have chosen to join the Premier or Premier Plus memberships, every item submitted to Global Authority will be professionally scanned. This digital scan of the front and back of each item is linked to the certification number located on the back of the certification label. When the certification number is entered into the certification check section of the website, the digital scan is pulled from the database.

Premier Plus members receive every digital scan placed onto a Global Authority “thumb drive” or USB flash drive. As items are submitted, simply send back your thumb drive and it will be updated, building a digital reference of your collection.

Pedigree Labeling


The Global Pedigree Collections and Labeling service offers collectors the ability to customize and personalize the back of the certification label. The amount of character or text space is massive, with over four lines and up to 300 characters allowed. Wether it is a “billboard” for your brand or business, or a personal message to commemorate a special event, this innovative service accommodates it all. Global Pedigrees are available to any full card or pack encapsulation service the company offers and is added when you receive your order into our database. The Global Pedigree service provides collectors the exciting opportunity to individualize their personal collections.


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Population Report


Gain access to Global Authority’s Population Report system, and search our extensive database for cards, packs, boxes and wrappers. Our advanced search technology will help you locate information with the click of a button.

Set Registry


Any Global Authority authenticated and graded product is placed on the set registry. Compete with fellow collectors and identify what is needed to make your’s the best set in the registry.

Priority Turnaround

For any Global Premier Plus member, guaranteed turnaround times are offered. Guaranteed times are in total business days for the service line selected, starting from the day we receive your order. This special offer runs for the full calendar year that your Premier Plus membership is active.