Free Card Grading

Free grading for your cards

Global Authority announces our Free card grading service. You’re probably thinking: “why or how?”


Eliminating the up-front grading costs is the best way for Global Authority to help you maximize your collection’s value. This is why our new Free Grading system is based on your decisions: you choose which cards you would like to have encapsulated after you know your grades.

Why ask “Why?” There's nothing to lose!

You might have a rather large collection, maybe even tens of thousands of cards. The value of your cards is predicated on their condition, but it is likely cost prohibitive to send your cards to a grading service in order to find out their true value. Global Authority’s Free Grading kicks open the door so you may discover the value hidden in your collection.


Send up to 100 cards per order, regardless of value, and we grade them for free. After grading is complete, you choose the next step: send them back, or have them placed into one of our finished product lines.

There are millions of cards in the marketplace. Why should any collector, big or small, not know the true value of their collection due to up front grading and authentication costs? The economy has challenged everyone to innovate in ways to make things bigger and better, and this is our challenge to you.

Free Grading

Free Grading Report Screenshot (click to enlarge)

All orders are subject to shipping & handling charges to cover shipping costs back to you. Service time is subject to orders on hand. You will be emailed once your order has been updated with a time estimate, once your items are entered into our system.