Certified Sleeve

Certified Sleeve

This service addresses a void in the card-grading marketplace, where off grade and lower condition cards can be affordably certified. Currently this market segment is sold “raw” with dealers and collectors selling them as lots or by singles and not capturing the full potential of what a certified product delivers. The Certified Sleeve was created as a stand-alone product containing all that a “hard holder” offers except the higher fees. The Global Authority Certified Sleeve provides the following features:

  • Tamper evident label which leaves a void print if the label is removed
  • Every card is entered into the Global database
  • Each card has a unique certification number
  • Included in the Global Population Report
  • Registered to the Global Registry

These benefits will help you maximize your dollar for cards that have never been considered for traditional grading because of the expense. The service fees begin at $3 dollars per card and can be reduced based on the volume submitted. Please call or email for large volume submissions and be sure to look at the prices realized to see how this service can benefit you.

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Willie Horton Certified Sleeve, Front Willie Horton Certified Sleeve, Back
Gene Freese Certified Sleeve, Front Gene Freese Certified Sleeve, Back

Prices Realized

YearCardGradePrice Realized
1954Dan Dee Hank Bauer(GAI) 3.5$35
1948Leaf #159 Mizell Platt(GAI) 5.5$18
1964Topps Stand-Up Earl Battey(GAI) 7$14
1964Topps Stand-Up Warren Spahn(GAI) 6$69
1962Topps #591 Rookie Parade(GAI) 5.5$35
1967Topps #607 Mickey Stanley(GAI) 7$50
1961Topps #584 Jim Perry(GAI) 4.5$12
1951Topps Blue Back Bobby Doerr(GAI) 4$35
1951Bowman #263 Howie Pollet(GAI) 3.5$18
1961Topps #417 Juan Marchial(GAI) 4$35