Why Global?

10 Reasons

There are many reasons why you would want to choose Global Authority for your grading and authentication. Here are just a few of them:

  1. First and foremost is our experience as authenticators and graders of collectibles. Accuracy, consistency and communication are the foundation of what our company offers. No other company has the comprehensive level of expertise and services we do. With over two decades of professional grading experience, it’s the single most important asset to consider when choosing an authentication company.

  2. There are no expensive memberships to do business with us. You are free to always submit your items by phone or printed sumission forms. We do however offer free and premium memberships to reduce costs and provide the most innovative resources and services online. Our membership programs are diverse and interactive, making us the collector’s choice within the business.

  3. We offer the most authentication and grading services within the industry. With over thirty different holders for your collectibles it makes us a compelling choice to keep all of your items under the Global brand. We are generally considered the company which tries to authenticate and place unique or esoteric collectibles into a holder.

  4. Our heavy investment in research and development has created some of the most innovative products and services offered in the industry. Specialized service,s like the Global Counterfeit and Altered Item Library with alert system or the soon to be offered Live Expert service tool, are just some of the unique things available to collectors. We will continue to allocate time and resources to create the latest and greatest products and services in the business.

  5. One of our core assets is our communication with our customers. If it’s unclear on how to submit a collectible, how it’s graded, or what to do, we are there to answer your questions. We are the only company which responds to emails over the weekend, giving the fastest response time available. When choosing a company, it begins with consistent communication to establish a long-term customer relationship.

  6. The Global Registry (coming soon) is truly innovative allowing all grading services to be placed comprehensively into a single database. Collectors can now use whichever grading service they choose and place their entire collection into the Global Authority database to keep track of which items they have and need. The Global Registry also offers a variety of channels to communicate with other like-minded collectors and allows them to compete against one another for Global Registry set supremacy in their designated categories. Members also have an option to send their cards directly to online marketplaces through Global Registry.

  7. We take digital images of every item submitted under our higher tiered services. This gives collectors a quality and professional image to use for their own database or as an auction image for an eBay listing. The images can be stored and accessed through our database or sent directly to the collector in any format. In order to combat fraudulent use or manipulaton of the images, Global Authority places a digital watermark into the image, giving the collector peace of mind.

  8. Our cardholder is the only one designed to capture grading and other useful information at the top of the holder, thus allowing the collector to easily navigate their collection without having to take each card out of its storage box. It is widely considered one of the best trading card holders in the industry.

  9. We are the only company offering authentication, grading and collectible placement services in the business. Global Passport™ gives all collectors a one-stop shop to identify if your collectible is real, what the condition is and how can the value of the item be maximized by placing it into the right auction or private environment. Leveraging the unique resources we offer, our experience will help walk any collector down a path which will provide the best options available.

  10. Coming from a collecting background and having graded many of the hobby’s most prized pieces, we understand the role we have as authenticators/graders but also understand the needs of collectors. As a service provider we measure our success by our customers’ satisfaction. Aside from our unmatched accessibility while at our office, we also attend numerous trade shows and conferences throughout the year all around the United States. When you see us, please don’t hesitate to come by and introduce yourself.